The Drop Down Truck

Please help us get the Drop Down Truck™ (car, van, etc.) in production so others can enjoy its benefits. If you have interest in a vehicle (or know someone, or want to get involved in the business), please sign up! 

Phil Schlangen spent years developing his Drop Down Truck™ out of necessity. An accident as a teenager left him as a quadriplegic.

Being able to drive gave him the opportunity to have a more active and productive life, but ramps and the available technologies were cumbersome and unsafe. So he made it his mission to create something better.

Phil spent years designing his trucks on his own. He holds numerous patents that are incorporated into the design (as well as patents for wheelchair technology, but that’s a story for a different time.) He has come up with the innovative drop down technology that allows easier access to the vehicle, but just as important, is much safer. Safer in entering and exiting the vehicle, but other design protocols (and redundancies) also make it safer driving and in emergency situations.

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